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Beginner, False beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced

Original stories at seven levels from starter to advanced, written specially for learners of English. With gripping plots and a range of genres to satisfy every taste, Cambridge English Readers offer high-quality original fiction that students will love! The highest quality of writing and storytelling is combined with the greatest sensitivity to the learner's language level, to ensure an enjoyable and successful learning experience, with learners eager to finish one book and start the next.

Key Features

  • Seven levels from Starter to Advanced provide reading material for every student's ability.
  • A wide selection of titles, from thriller to romance, with international settings appeal to a broad range of interests.
  • Contemporary themes, gripping plots and believable characters inspire learners and stimulate classroom discussion.
  • Audio CD recordings for every title improve listening and speaking skills.
  • eBook and audiobook formats make every Reader instantly accessible wherever you are.
  • Free online resources for students and teachers at include vocabulary placement test, lesson plans and worksheets for every title and provide all the support you need for successful learning through reading.
Starter/Beginner ISBN   Level 1 Beginner/Elementary ISBN
A Death in Oxford: Paperback 9780521704649   Bad Love: Paperback 9780521536530
A Death in Oxford: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521704656   Bad Love: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686280
Big Hair Day: Paperback 9780521183659   Blood Diamonds: Paperback 9780521536578
Big Hair Day: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521167352   Blood Diamonds: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686365
Book Boy: Paperback 9780521156776   Don't Stop Now!: Paperback 9780521605649
Book Boy: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521182706   Don't Stop Now!: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686525
Dirty Money: Paperback 9780521683333   Help!: Paperback 9780521656153
Dirty Money: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521683340   Help!: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521794916
Let Me Out!: Paperback 9780521683296   Hotel Casanova: Paperback 9780521649971
Let Me Out!: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521683302   Hotel Casanova: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686297
The Black Pearls: Paperback 9780521732895   Inspector Logan: Paperback 9780521750806
The Black Pearls: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521732901   Inspector Logan: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686372
The Girl at the Window: Paperback 9780521705851   John Doe: Paperback 9780521656191
The Girl at the Window: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521705868   John Doe: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521794930
The Penang File: Paperback 9780521683319   Just Like a Movie: Paperback 9780521788137
The Penang File: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521683326   Just Like a Movie: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686303
What a Lottery!: Paperback 9780521683272   Next Door to Love: Paperback 9780521605625
What a Lottery!: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521683289   Next Door to Love: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686228
Why?: Paperback 9780521732956   Parallel: Paperback 9780521536516
Why?: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521732963   Parallel: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686136
      The Big Picture: Paperback 9780521798464
      The Big Picture: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686310
      Three Tomorrows: Paperback 9780521693776
      Three Tomorrows: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521693783
Level 2 Elementary/Lower Intermediate ISBN   Level 3 Lower Intermediate ISBN
A Picture to Remember: Paperback 9780521664776   A Puzzle for Logan: Paperback 9780521750202
A Picture to Remember: Book with Audio CD 9780521795012   A Puzzle for Logan: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686396
Apollo's Gold: Paperback 9780521775533   Double Cross: Paperback 9780521656177
Apollo's Gold: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521794992   Double Cross: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686532
Circle Games: Paperback 9780521630702   How I Met Myself: Paperback 9780521750189
Circle Games: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686099   How I Met Myself: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686204
Dead Cold: Paperback 9780521693790   Just Good Friends: Paperback 9780521775335
Dead Cold: Book with Audio CDs 9780521693929   Just Good Friends: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686174
Different Worlds: Paperback 9780521536554   Not Above the Law: Paperback 9780521140966
Different Worlds: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686235   Not Above the Law: Book with Audio CDs 9780521157681
Jojo's Story: Paperback 9780521797542   Strong Medicine: Paperback 9780521693936
Jojo's Story: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686457   Strong Medicine: Book with Audio CDs 9780521693943
Logan's Choice: Paperback 9780521795067   Tales of the Supernatural: Paperback 9780521542760
Logan's Choice: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686389   Tales of the Supernatural: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686105
One Day: Paperback 9780521714228   The Beast: Paperback 9780521750165
One Day: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521714235   The Beast: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686570
Superbird: Paperback 9780521656085   Eye of the Storm: Paperback 9780521536592
Superbird: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521794978   Eye of the Storm: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686358
The Double Bass Mystery: Paperback 9780521656139   The House by the Sea: Paperback 9780521775786
The Double Bass Mystery: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521794954   The House by the Sea: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686587
The Man from Nowhere: Paperback 9780521783613   The Ironing Man: Paperback 9780521666213
The Man from Nowhere : Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686549   The Ironing Man: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686143
The New Zealand File: Paperback 9780521136242   The Lahti File: Paperback 9780521750820
The New Zealand File: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521136280   The Lahti File: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686402
Within High Fences: Paperback 9780521605601   Two Lives: Paperback 9780521795043
Within High Fences: Book with Audio CD Pack 9780521686167   Two Lives: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686488
      Wild Country: Paperback 9780521713672
      Wild Country: Book with Audio CDs 9780521713689
Level 4 Intermediate ISBN   Level 5 Upper Intermediate ISBN
A Matter of Chance: Paperback 9780521775526   A Tangled Web: Paperback 9780521536646
A Matter of Chance: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686211   A Tangled Web: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686433
Berlin Express: Paperback 9780521174909   All I Want: Paperback 9780521794541
Berlin Express: Book with Audio CDs 9780521175111   All I Want: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686266
But Was it Murder?: Paperback 9780521783590   Death in the Dojo: Paperback 9780521656214
But Was it Murder?: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686594   Death in the Dojo: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686334
High Life, Low Life: Paperback 9780521788151   Dolphin Music: Paperback 9780521666183
High Life, Low Life: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686082   Dolphin Music: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686464
In the House: Paperback 9780521732246   Dragons' Eggs: Paperback 9780521132640
In the House: Book with Audio CDs 9780521732253   Dragons' Eggs: Book with Audio CDs 9780521179041
Love in the Lakes: Paperback 9780521714600   East 43rd Street: Paperback 9780521783637
Love in the Lakes: Book with Audio CDs 9780521714617   East 43rd Street: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686075
Nothing but the Truth: Paperback 9780521656238   Emergency Murder: Paperback 9780521536622
Nothing but the Truth: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686273   Emergency Murder: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686440
Staying Together: Paperback 9780521798488   In the Shadow of the Mountain: Paperback 9780521775519
Staying Together: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686556   In the Shadow of the Mountain: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686501
The Amsterdam Connection: Paperback 9780521795029   Jungle Love: Paperback 9780521750844
The Amsterdam Connection: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686327   Jungle Love: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686259
The Fruitcake Special and Other Stories: Paperback 9780521783651   Murder by Art: Paperback 9780521736541
The Fruitcake Special and Other Stories: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686112   Murder by Art: Book with Audio CDs 9780521736558
The Lady in White: Paperback 9780521666206   The Sugar Glider: Paperback 9780521536615
The Lady in White: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686150   The Sugar Glider: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686518
The University Murders: Paperback 9780521536608   Windows of the Mind: Paperback 9780521750141
The University Murders: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686419   Windows of the Mind: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686129
When Summer Comes: Paperback 9780521656115      
When Summer Comes: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686495      
Level 6 Advanced ISBN      
A Love for Life: Paperback 9780521799461      
A Love for Life: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686181      
Deadly Harvest: Paperback 9780521776974      
Deadly Harvest Book with Audio CDs 9780521686563      
Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life: Paperback 9780521750783      
Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686471      
He Knows Too Much: Paperback 9780521656078      
He Knows Too Much: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686426      
Murder Maker: Paperback 9780521536639      
Murder Maker: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686242      
Nelson's Dream: Paperback 9780521716048      
Nelson's Dream: Book with Audio CDs 9780521716055      
The Best of Times?: Paperback 9780521735452      
The Best of Times?: Book with Audio CDs 9780521735469      
The Way Home: Paperback 9780521543620      
The Way Home: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686341      
This Time it's Personal: Paperback 9780521798440      
This Time it's Personal: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686068      
Trumpet Voluntary: Paperback 9780521666190      
Trumpet Voluntary: Book with Audio CDs 9780521686198      

Kid's Box

Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson
Kid's Box is bursting with bright ideas to inspire you and your pupils!

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Touchstone is an innovative new series for adult and young-adult learners of English.

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